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Measured Building Surveys

The Benefits Of A Measured Building Survey by XP Surveys

The chief benefits our clients appreciate in our measured building survey service, carried out by one of our professional measured building surveyors, are accuracy, clarity, and both time-and-cost effectiveness.


Your XP measured building surveyor will use up-to-date, advanced technology to gather extremely accurate measurement data; this includes laser scanning, building information modelling (BIM) and drones.

When the results of this technology are combined, it is possible to quickly construct 2D and 3D representations of the building or structure, in your preferred software’s file format (often Revit or ArchiCad).


This accuracy of information also enables architects to work in harmony with the building or structure’s existing features, and contractors to use the data throughout the project as an accurate point of reference. The measured survey is also a valuable source of information for future projects such as renovation, alterations or rebuilding.


Dimensional inaccuracies can quickly lead to delays, increased labour and material costs and wastage.

Tight deadlines and limited budgets can be controlled more easily with a measured survey as the accuracy of its findings reduces the likelihood of unforeseen obstacles and errors during design and execution.

XP Surveys’ surveyors are highly trained and experienced, using the latest scanning and measuring technology, and pride themselves on a rapid response to your inquiry and the delivery of your drawings.  To obtain a quote for a measured building survey, simply use our quote button on this page for a quick quote for the scope of your survey.

Historic buildings being scanned for a measured building survey

Do You Need A Measured Survey?

A measured survey is required to draw up plans in support of any work that requires planning approval, whether it is an extension, alterations, repairs or a new building or structure. If there is an existing property, the planners will want to see the current structure so they can compare it with the proposals drawn by your architect or designer.

A measured survey is also an essential component of any construction project as it provides the foundation from which all work is developed. From architects to tradespeople, almost everyone involved in the project will at some point refer to the drawings to ensure all work is carried out in accordance with the design.

While a measured survey is the first step of any building redevelopment plan, they are often requested during changes of ownership/leasehold to provide date-stamped architectural drawings. An “as-built” measured survey often takes place at the end of a building project, to provide accurate data for the ongoing maintenance management of the building.

XP Surveys know how vital prompt and accurate surveys are to clients, read more insights or book a survey with us.

The Measured Survey Process

Measured building surveyors will use a variety of low-tech and high-tech equipment to obtain the required data, ranging from the humble tape measure to 3D laser scanners, ground penetrating radar and GPS equipment. XP Surveys use state-of-the-art equipment for measuring and scanning, being able to deliver traditional 2D drawings and 3D BIM files.

The survey process also varies depending on its purpose but typically may start with external and internal dimensions being recorded, followed by the location of below-ground and above-ground services. In the case of a restoration project, it is more likely that architectural features and fittings will be recorded in greater detail.

Our surveyors are equipped, trained and ready for whichever level of detail and output you require.

How Much Does A Measured Building Survey Cost?

The cost of a measured survey naturally depends on the size of the building or structure and the complexity of the detail that is required to be included. The use of specialist surveying equipment may also incur higher costs.

At XP Surveys we offer a unique Instant Quote tool to provide a cost for your measured survey within minutes.  We use property data from EPC’s and Ordnance Survey information together with our bespoke pricing algorithm to provide instant quotes online and a full calendar booking system all the way through to payment online – for your ease and speed.

Having a clear idea of what is required for the survey can help to minimise the cost as it will prevent unnecessary detail from being included and additional site visits to be made to gather further information.  Our online quoting system will help you chose the right survey detial for you, and our team are always on hand via phone or email should you have any questions.

A typical measured building survey for a 3 bedroom house would cost from £1,000 +VAT.

XP Surveys surveyor scanning property

Measured Survey vs Topographical Survey

The simple way to understand the difference between a measured survey and a topographical survey is that a measured survey relates to buildings and structures, while a topographical survey relates to land.

A topographical survey is likely to be carried out for residential or commercial development on a greenfield or brownfield site, whereas a measured survey will relate to a specific building or structure.

Measured Building Example:

2D measured drawings produced from survey of existing house

Topographical Land Example:

Images produced from topographic survey showing position of features

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    What Is A Measured Survey?

    A measured survey is a spatial study of a building or structure to gather precise data, which is then utilised to draw architectural scale drawings. These drawings are the core information that aids architects and planners to take the project through the subsequent stages of design and planning for the property’s development.

    Measured building surveys – as they are also known – and the resulting drawings, may vary in the level of detail they obtain and the scale at which they are drawn, depending on their purpose. They can range from simple floorplans to encompassing internal and external elevations or even include details such as fixtures, power supply outlets and light fittings.

    These on-site building surveys provide accurate measurements that can be used to create as-built drawings for architects, quantity surveyors, owners and other property professionals.

    XP Surveys conduct Measured Surveys using state-of-the-art measuring equipment like the Trimble X7 or the Leica RTC360 laser scanners used by experienced surveyors. XP Surveys prides itself on fast, reliable and accurate survey drawings for architects, engineers, agents and property professionals.  Data and drawings are supplied to your required level of quality and output as fast as five days from booking, for property in London and the Home Counties. Use our quote feature or contact us for advice

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